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E-mail accounts not showing in cPanel

The issue when you open “Email accounts” in cPanel, it sometimes doesn’t show up the list of Email accounts the domain have but only just a blank page. This happens due to bulk of cache, temp files etc present in the .cpanel directory of domain. You can remove the “.cpanel” directory inside the path /home/cpaneluser/. The issue will be solved.

And don’t worry about the “.cpanel” directory, it will automatically recreate next time when you load the account’s cPanel.

12 comments on E-mail accounts not showing in cPanel

  1. In my case this solution did not help.
    Information about email accounts in /home/user/etc was missed. I have to manually create files/folder and set correct owner:group to them

    1. Hi David, this post is only a solution to one among the other issues which can cause email accounts to not appear on the front end 🙂 , anyhow I am sorry if this did not help you nor did the suggestions. Please check if the mail folder has correct permission and ownership, else if the email account really exists. Another possibility if the email account entry is missing in the /home/user/etc/ and shadow files.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I had tried all suggestions I found online and the only thing that worked was to re-create the mailboxes within CPanel > Email Accounts and then restore the mail folders again.

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