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Month: August 2012

Accept Mutex Error in apache error log

Error we see in apache error log: (22)Invalid argument: couldn’t grab the accept mutex (22)Invalid argument: couldn’t grab the accept mutex (22)Invalid argument: couldn’t grab the accept mutex This may happen because of low memory or improper file handlers Please add the following in apache conf and see the changes. AcceptMutex fcntl then /usr/local/cpanel/bin/apache_conf_distiller –update –main /scripts/rebuildhttpdconf /etc/init.d/httpd graceful

Know which vps is having the process running on by standing in main Node.

We know about Hardware Node and small vps servers inside it. We usually think, regarding to know about what all process running in vps only after entering into that particular VPS. Using command vzpid you can know from Node, which VPS of that node the process is running on and what process is it. Get the process ID from node and try it with command vzpid. vzpid pid You will get result like as follows: […]

cdp-agent not running and also not starting when try to manually start it.

Error: root@ [~]# /etc/init.d/cdp-agent status /etc/init.d/cdp-agent status: cdp (pid 753?) not running You can grab the error generating from the r1soft log (/usr/sbin/r1soft/log/cdp.log), there you can find the exact reason. The error would be like as follows: ============ ,[ERROR],[NO-CONNECTION],Exception from network server: Address already in use ============ This happens when port 1167 is on use. The issue can be sorted out by using the following steps. If your Agent hangs up and is not restarting […]

Blank page on domain after installing Drupal through softaculous.

It is nothing but, just check if PHP module mysqli is compiled and enabled in the server. Search the list “php -m” for mysqli. If present make sure the correct extension_directory is set in the php.ini and enabled as well. If not present, recompile php(include current modules present and in addition add mysqli too). After that check the module comes in the list “php -m” and enable in the php.ini file. Then try […]

Issue when try to add new IP address in VPS server

This is something generic to uncommon errors, this issue arises when we try to add new IP in vps server. When we click on the option “Add a New IP Address” under IP Functions on WHM, we get the following error sometimes. “To add, edit, or remove IPs, please contact your server administrator” This can be solved by adding the new IP manually in two seperate files of VPS server. 1) One is, add IP […]

create SWAP space in Linux Servers

You need to use the dd command to create swap file. The mkswap command is used to set up a Linux swap area on a device or in a file. Login as root user, and use the following command to create a swap file. The following dd command example creates a swap file with the name “tmpDSK” under /backup directory with a size of 2000MB (2GB) # dd if=/dev/zero of=/backup/tmpDSK bs=1M count=2000 Setup correct file […]

Enable Wildcard E-mail

This is a trick I have enabled through cPanel account, but it worked to enable wildcard email. Just like wildcard domains, there is a technique exists for routing mails send to non-existing email accounts to a legitimate email account situated in a particular domain. This method can generally be called as Wildcard E-mail Suppose a client open up a ticket where he is requested to set a wilcard email to, where this email account […]

Proper Installation of Imagemagick

Please do the following steps for installing imagemagick. You can install imagemagick using the script /scripts/installimagemagick If the installation is not successful, please download and install it from source file. Download –> cd /downloaded/path – mostly /usr/src/ unzip cd ImageMagick-6.7.7-3 ./configure make make install If you are installing imagamagick from source, then you need to install perl magick also. The perl magick is included in the imagemagick untared directory. cd /usr/src/ImageMagick-6.7.7-3/PerlMagick/ perl Makefile.PL […]

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