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Subdomain not inheriting PHP version of the main domain | Litespeed issue on cPanel

As you know, in cPanel Multi PHP Manager platform, it does support the ‘inherit’ method between the addon domains/subdomains and its main/primary domain. When you set an Addon domain(if down to the level of main domain’s document root) or Subdomain to use the Inherit option, Apache uses the PHP version that exists in the first […]

Prefer/Precedence IPv4 over IPv6 for DNS lookups

We had an issue with DNS lookup/Querying the whois servers(Example: while Domain Search/Registration for any TLDs through WHMCS, Domain Manager etc. The tool/system used to timeout whenever the users searched a domain for availability. We found the following via CLI when telnet’ing to the whois server directly. The above indicates it attempts IPv6 DNS […]

cPanel domlogs/Webserver Access logs are showing only local server IP addresses

This happens when we have a reverse proxy Nginx->Apache set up on the server. To be precise, when the Apache based website is behind the reverse proxy(Nginx). In such cases, we may see the accessing IPs on the website access logs as server’s local IP address itself. This behavior is because the reverse proxy or […]

Increase TimeoutStartSec for Apache on a Centos7/RHEL7 server

For this, increase its value in the following file. Adding it in seconds. So convert minutes to seconds first. Use TimeoutStartSec, TimeoutStopSec or TimeoutSec to specify how long the timeout should be for starting and stopping the process.

Enable systemd to allow MySQL to be in /home directory

There are many cases systemd doesn’t allow the MySQL to work from a new/custom data directory path. It still restricts the path and stick to the default /var/lib/mysql even if we try to change it. To override this, disable ProtectHome on the following file.

Create WHM root session from command line

If you do not know the server root password but you have access to the server backend using SSH key as the root user, then you can always launch temporary root WHM instance from the CLI with : It will generate a WHM URL and you can copy/paste it on a new web-browser tab to […]

Mysql error followed by Openfire XMPP server halt

I faced an issue as my IM messenger suddenly got disconnected from the openfire xmpp server. I checked the internet connection to my computer and it was still looking fine. So I hop into openfire server and tried to manually start it. It showed as openfire service starting, but it went off suddenly. I checked […]